Free Joomla Templates Magazine

Joomla has its own online magazine which was created for its community of members. The online magazine is free to all and provides information, challenges, education and inspiration. The magazine is full of stories about its members and stories written by its members. It’s a place designed for people to meet up, exchange thoughts and ideas, and to provide help to one another.

Besides helpful information on free Joomla templates, each issue of the magazine contains reviews, news, insights and resources. The magazine is community oriented and there for people to learn from. The magazine also talks about ways members can volunteer and become participating members of the Joomla community.

Issues of the online magazine cover topics on a range of things including featured stories, leadership, media, events, and plenty of educational stories. Every month a new issue is posted online. People visiting the online magazine can read through past issues as well, going back to July of 2010 by simply clicking on which issue they would like to read.

Linux hosting: the best choice for you?

Linux hosting clearly is not for the weak-hearted. Although over the years a lot of GUI based tools have come up and made the hosting of a web server on Linux easier, it still needs knowledge of command line interfaces to do anything meaningful. These command line interfaces are the way one interacts with the operating system through the shell. There are multiple shells available and each shell has multiple versions. Unless you are working with a state-of-art shell, there is a possibility that some of the latest commands you picked up from a Linux magazine or a Linux book may not work. If you are afraid of the shell, then Linux probably is not for you and you should stick to Windows or, even better, learn the shell commands, which will help you on a rainy day. The good thing about Linux is that it has a magnanimous online support community so if you get stuck, you will surely find somebody online to help you.

History of WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress itself began in 2003 with a single bit of code with the intention of streamlining the composition of everyday writing.   Since then, it’s grown to be the largest blogging tool in the world.  Everything involved with WordPress was created by and for the community.  WordPress hosting is used extensively on millions of sites and utilized by millions of people around the world every day.  WordPress is an open source project, meaning that hundreds of people worldwide are continually working on it.  It also means flexibility so that you can use it for anything from a Fortune 500 company web site to your cat’s home page without paying any sort of licensing fee.

WordPress is completely customizable but you do need a web host that meets their minimum requirements.  You can use WordPress as more than just a blogging system.  It has evolved to be used as a comprehensive content management system with the addition of thousands of themes, widgets and plug-ins available.  The only limitations involved are your imagination and technical ability.

VPS Hosting Companies,, Future, and InMotion are some of the top rated VPS Hosting companies on the ‘Net.

Myhosting has many reviewers stating that they have been with this company for as many as 12 years and they have had virtually no downtime and they appreciate the transparent pricing structures with no surprises. has some of the best reviews around.  They have over 5000 servers available and the people that have had the pleasure to use this VPS hosting company uniformly love it.

Future has offered suburb VPS Hosting in its overall hosting package.  This company has been in business since 2001 and has a lot of people interested in the VSP application(s).  They have been instrumental in bringing this technology to the Internet.

InMotion promises 99.9% up-time in their Max Speed Zone Enabled VPS system.  The reviews that are posted on several sites state that they are very happy with everything provided.

These all provide hosting through the very flexible cPanel / WHM management system.

Looking for Specifics in Bad Web Hosting Reviews

When you do find bad web hosting reviews, it does not mean that you need to discard the hosting company. You need to read the full review to find out what the bad review is really about. This is when knowing what you want from your website will come in handy.

You need to compare the reviewer’s needs with your own. If the reviewer has brought up something specifically that you know is a requirement for your website, then it can be safe to say that you will leave a bad review too. However, if it is not something that you would ever consider needing then you need to move on from that review.

If the bad review does not go into any specifics then you should see if there is a way to contact the person that wrote it. Your best way to find out the problem is by asking the person directly. You never know, you may actually find that it was the reviewer’s fault and that the terms and conditions were not read correctly.