History of WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress itself began in 2003 with a single bit of code with the intention of streamlining the composition of everyday writing.   Since then, it’s grown to be the largest blogging tool in the world.  Everything involved with WordPress was created by and for the community.  WordPress hosting is used extensively on millions of sites and utilized by millions of people around the world every day.  WordPress is an open source project, meaning that hundreds of people worldwide are continually working on it.  It also means flexibility so that you can use it for anything from a Fortune 500 company web site to your cat’s home page without paying any sort of licensing fee.

WordPress is completely customizable but you do need a web host that meets their minimum requirements.  You can use WordPress as more than just a blogging system.  It has evolved to be used as a comprehensive content management system with the addition of thousands of themes, widgets and plug-ins available.  The only limitations involved are your imagination and technical ability.