Linux hosting: the best choice for you?

Linux hosting clearly is not for the weak-hearted. Although over the years a lot of GUI based tools have come up and made the hosting of a web server on Linux easier, it still needs knowledge of command line interfaces to do anything meaningful. These command line interfaces are the way one interacts with the operating system through the shell. There are multiple shells available and each shell has multiple versions. Unless you are working with a state-of-art shell, there is a possibility that some of the latest commands you picked up from a Linux magazine or a Linux book may not work. If you are afraid of the shell, then Linux probably is not for you and you should stick to Windows or, even better, learn the shell commands, which will help you on a rainy day. The good thing about Linux is that it has a magnanimous online support community so if you get stuck, you will surely find somebody online to help you.