Free Joomla Templates Magazine

Joomla has its own online magazine which was created for its community of members. The online magazine is free to all and provides information, challenges, education and inspiration. The magazine is full of stories about its members and stories written by its members. It’s a place designed for people to meet up, exchange thoughts and ideas, and to provide help to one another.

Besides helpful information on free Joomla templates, each issue of the magazine contains reviews, news, insights and resources. The magazine is community oriented and there for people to learn from. The magazine also talks about ways members can volunteer and become participating members of the Joomla community.

Issues of the online magazine cover topics on a range of things including featured stories, leadership, media, events, and plenty of educational stories. Every month a new issue is posted online. People visiting the online magazine can read through past issues as well, going back to July of 2010 by simply clicking on which issue they would like to read.